About Pop-up Event

Guest Chef [Yozo Ueda] – Presenting Kyoto Kaiseki Cuisine Experience 

Rozan specially invited [Yozo Ueda], the owner and executive chef of [Ankyu] with 2 Michelin Stars, to serve as guest chef for 6 days on 24 March – 29 March. 

 [Ankyu], which has only seven seats in Kyoto, opened in 2010. It was awarded with 2 Michelin Stars at the second year of opening, and retained 2 Michelin Stars for 3 consecutive years, enjoying a high reputation in the region.

Mr. Yozo Ueda will be in Hong Kong for his very first time to present his signature cuisines at Rozan. He will play with vary combinations of seasonal seafood and spring vegetables. The price of the Kaiseki dinner is HK$5,880 p.p.