About Rozan

An exclusive culinary experience brought by Lai Sun Dining, savouring Rozan’s seasonally-influenced kappo-style omakase in the heart of Oakhill, Wan Chai.

Offering an authentic taste of traditional kappo cuisine at the exclusive eight-seat counter, witness the culinary magic unfold as Chef Takashi meticulously crafts tailor-made dishes, perfectly tailored to suit your every desire, all while you have a front-row seat to their culinary artistry. 

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Meet Our Team


About Executive Chef Hasegawa Takashi

Born in Hokkaido and graduated from culinary college, Chef Hasegawa Takashi has become a master of Japanese cuisine with over 17 years of experience working in some of the world’s most renowned kitchens, namely Kaiseki restaurant Kyoto Kitcho, French restaurant Yamaji Yosuke, hand-made soba restaurant Kyoto Arashiyama, and Sushi Miyata in Wakayama. He has trained in a variety of Japanese culinary style and developed a deep understanding and passion for the art of Japanese cooking. 

Balance of different flavours is the key to his harmonious cuisine, while he is also the expert at bringing out the best of seafood dishes made by top-quality ingredients fresh from the sea. Picking Hong Kong as his first overseas working spot, he is willing to obtain the freshest ingredients from all over the world and create dishes without seasonal and regional restrictions. 

Throughout his career, Chef Hasegawa has worked tirelessly to perfect his craft. His commitment to using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, combined with his skillful techniques and attention to detail, have made him a sought-after chef in the industry.

Today, Chef Hasegawa brings his incredible talent and passion to Rozan under Lai Sun Dining, where he creates tailor-made and unexceptional Japanese dining experiences. His focus on Kappo cuisine, prepared with diverse and delicate traditional craftsmanship, takes guests on an unparalleled gastronomic journey.